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  If you follow my blogs at all, you know I take issue with email address and business cards, and I’m going at it again. As a Virtual Assistant, one of the services I offer to clients is business card cleanup and database management.  I take that stack business cards and put it into some sort […]

Spring is officially here! I love this time of year!  Do you spring clean your house?  I love clean windows and baseboards, and getting the cupboards cleaned out and organized.  I’m not afraid to admit that I gladly pay someone to help me do this. Remember the #1 rule to outsourcing… stop doing the things […]

My top 5 tips for getting your 2017 business started on the right track! Now is the time to take advantage of all the amazing free apps out there. Take one day over the holidays, and get organized and automated! 1. Get a professional email signature! If you have a domain email, it’s time to […]

Every other Monday at 10am, I volunteer my time to co-moderate the “Coffee Chat” webinars with IVAA (International Virtual Assistant’s Association).  Coffee Chat is an informal webinar where anyone wanting to know more about IVAA or about becoming a Virtual Assistant, can join in and ask questions. Every week we are asked the same questions: […]

Happy First Day of Summer!  It’s a hot one! I’m sitting here, in my air-conditioned office, helping a client create a new spreadsheet for her database.  I need to tell you how surprised I am to see that many of her contacts, some of whom run their own business, are not using a professional email address. This honestly makes […]

Last month I was privileged to welcome another new client into my business. Yippee! I was super excited about this particular project because not only did it involve creating an email newsletter template, but it also included setting up a client database for them as well.  For someone like me, a data geek, this made […]