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With over 20 Years' Experience in areas such as law, travel & tourism and real estate I can offer you professional solutions and shave hours from your work week. My goal as a VA is to help you maximize your time and offer remote support on an "as-needed" or "per project" basis. Some of the services I offer are, but not limited to, general administrative duties, transcription, concierge services, marketing materials, newsletters, database management, social tasks, social media for business and much more.

This is a story. About a girl. A girl who didn’t have a lot of confidence. A girl who chose to follow instead of lead.  A girl who kinda went through life not really understanding that we are put here for a purpose. A girl who did what most people do. Go to school. Go […]

  Yes. I did. I “unfriended” over 400 people from my Facebook personal page, and I’m sure there will be more in the future… and now I feel guilty. Contrary to what people may think about this, I didn’t do it to be a bitch, or because I hate all those people. I did it […]

They say things come in three’s and unfortunately I had to send three very difficult emails this month. All having to do with communication… or lack thereof.  Two were personal and one was business. Please let me start by saying the following: 1. I always try to use the services of other entrepreneurs/small businesses that […]