So what does my cleaning lady have to do with anything VA related? Well, the lovely lady who has the unpleasant task of cleaning my house every couple of weeks LOVES to talk and debate issues and let me tell you, the current debate is strong between her and I, and it’s been ongoing for months.

There is no end in sight.

We just don’t agree.

Are you for technology or against it?

She is against it. Really against it. She is against things like online banking (for safety and security reasons), she is against doing almost anything online because of “Big Brother”, fraud, etc. She still prefers to do business in person or on the telephone and believes that technology for children is bad news. They should be outside playing and interacting, as should adults.

Listen, I totally get it. I really do. But honestly, I prefer to think of all the ways that technology can help rather than the ways it can harm. I know she has valid points and I know those horrible things are out there, I just choose not to focus on that. I prefer to think about the ways technology is helping us rather than hindering us.

First and foremost, let’s talk business. Without technology I wouldn’t have my Virtual Assistant business! Duh. I wouldn’t be able to communicate easily with my clients through email, Skype, Zoom, Facebook, client management apps and more. And don’t even get me starting with accounting. My bookkeeper can access my accounting program online and do her thing. I just keep my receipts for tax time and we’re good to go!

Without technology I wouldn’t be able to buy gifts online and pay for them instantly. I don’t always have time to run into London to peruse the stores for a good gift. I love being able to shop online and use local entrepreneurs to make and purchase items. Online banking is super easy, allows me to e-transfer local entrepreneurs for purchase of their goods and services, and I check my accounts every day to ensure there is no strange or fraudulent activity happening.

On a personal level, without technology I wouldn’t be able to keep my phone with me at all times in case my (ageing) parents or my kids need me urgently. I wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with my nieces and nephews who live in the states and see their fun goings-on through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Even though they all live in a different country, I’ve been able to see and experience them growing into amazing young adults. My 7yo Sam LOVES to Facetime his older sister when she’s away from us for a few days. Without technology, Sam wouldn’t be able to Skype his dad when he’s away on a business trip.

And let’s talk about convenience! I absolutely LOVE being able to do mundane tasks online instead of having to Screenshot_20170621-092538pick up the phone. For example, my vet texts me when it’s time for my dogs appointment. Hello! How awesome is that! I can now renew prescriptions online through Shoppers AND it sends me a text reminder to pick it up.

My Fitbit reminds me to move my ass every hour because some days I get so caught up in my work that I literally forget to get up and move (it just buzzed too!). lol

My Calm app send me gentle reminders to take a few minutes to clear my head.

My calendar app reminds me of the other 100 things I have to do today, not just work.

My Netflix app helps me unwind at night and I can watch some of my favourite shows.

My Shoppers Drug Mart, PC Plus and Canadian Tire apps allow me to collect points when I’m shopping to be used for future discounts.

My What’sApp app allows me to talk to my family in the US wherever we are since we don’t have a home telephone at the moment.

My mom (76) and my dad (81) love their tech. My mom has a tablet that she plays Sudoku and does her crossword puzzles, and she loves Facebook for keeping in touch with her grandchildren. My dad streams world soccer on his Mac computer, loves to Skype his relatives in Italy and get his soccer news on the Juventus app on his smartphone.

I think you get the picture. We love, love, love our tech. Do we unplug? Absolutely! At least once a day, we all get off our devices and do something like go for a walk, a bike ride, play a board game, sit outside and just chat, and dinner is always tech-free.

While I do think that our lives can be affected negatively with too much technology, I still believe that for our family, and for my business, it does more good than harm, and I’m on board 100%.

I’m curious, what are your thoughts about technology? Are you for or against, or somewhere in the middle? What are some of your favourite technology items? I would be lost without my laptop and my Samsung Smartphone.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Flawsomely yours,


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