I am a very lucky lady.  I just returned from a fun-packed 2-day business retreat with my client, the knowledgeable and inspiring Leigh Fowler, at the White Oaks Resort and Spa in Niagara.

I was hired by Leigh to act as her event assistant for this retreat and I enjoyed every moment.  As her event assistant, I was The Idea Loftthere to be Leigh’s right-hand. My goal was to ensure that she had as much quality time with her retreat participants as possible, and not have to worry about all the other “stuff”. I helped with set-up, I was the “go-between” with the event co-ordinator and a/v staff, registration of her guests, time-keeping to ensure the sessions stayed on track (that’s always a fun one right Leigh? LOL), assisted her clients with any questions about the event, the hotel and the area in general, among many other things.

I really enjoyed working with Leigh and meeting her attendees, and the White Oaks Resort is spectacular.

A few of my favourite things about being an event assistant:

1) Meeting new people and helping ensure everyone has a wonderful event.

2) Learning by accident.  As the event assistant, I spend most of my time in the room with everyone while they are doing their workshops. I am there in case the Event Host needs something. Therefore, I get to hear and see the actual training and workshops. Talk about a huge bonus!

3) Giving the Event Host peace of mind and helping ensure that their event is a success.

Why do you need an Event Assistant?

There are so many reasons you should hire an event assistant, so let’s play a little game of Would Your Rather (can  you tell I hang out with a 7yo):

Would you rather…

a) Fumble around with registration lists and name tags? OR

b) Greet your clients/participants with hugs and conversation?

Would you rather…

a) Spend time running around looking for the right cable for your projector or messing with the air conditioning because the room is too cold? OR

b) Get your workshop/seminar started while your Event Assistant connects with the a/v crew and the hotel event co-ordinator?

Would you rather…

a) Run around worrying about where the Coffee Break is being set up and if there is something available for your client who can’t have gluten?

b) Enjoy the coffee break while chatting with your attendees, or sneak off for a bit of rest.

Would you rather…

a) Worry about keeping your event running on schedule? OR

b) Enjoy your workshop and not have to worry about the time.

The main reason is this…

As the Event Host, your main focus should be on your participants, not on technical issues, catering, registration and finding extra pencils.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you at your next event, just click here to schedule a quick call with me.

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