3 years ago today, I received my official business licence to operate as MSC Business Solutions, Virtual Assistant Service.  3 years!!

I’m sure you’ve heard people say this before, but starting a business is a crazy journey. A lot of ups and downs. So much to learn.  Some of it was pure luck, not gonna lie.  Meeting certain people at certain points through my journey, well if you ask me, it’s divine intervention.  You ask for guidance and assistance often enough, it will come.  You continue to put yourself out there and meet new people, you will eventually meet the ones that come into your life for a reason.

It’s not easy starting a business. It’s not easy starting a business while raising a family. It’s not easy starting a Entrepreneurbusiness with anxiety and depression.  Hell, it’s not easy keeping a business when you have anxiety and depression because your brain is telling you that you can’t do it, you’re not smart enough, people won’t hire you, you can’t make it work. But if you have the right people in your corner, you keep going. You hang onto them through the tidal waves of negative feelings, you hang on tight and when the waves subside you keep pushing and get back to work.

My first year in business, I didn’t make any money.  You know what? I didn’t matter to me one bit.  My husband will disagree, but money was not my main goal during that first year.  Money is great, and making some is even better, but that wasn’t my primary focus.  My focus was learning, meeting people and figuring this business thing out.

My first year was a dream and a nightmare, both at the same time.  I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know about any of the amazing resources available to me like the Small Business Centre or the Business Help Centre of Middlesex County.  I didn’t even know how to work “virtually” (kind of important don’t you think?).  All I knew was that I had a strong desire to make it work.

I made many, many mistakes, too many too count, but I also had some huge successes.  More importantly, I met amazing people that have been instrumental to my growth and success, and most of those people are still in my life today.

Here are a few things I’ve learned in my own journey:

  1. Find the people who will be (and stay) in your corner.  They may not understand your vision 100%, but they have your back regardless.  These people are my family and my close friends.  They get what I’m doing even though they may not understand exactly what I do every day. lol  My sister has talked me off of more than one ledge over the years.
  2. Hire a business coach. I realize that funds are tight at the beginning, but you don’t know what you don’t know, and a business coach will help you get on the right track and keep you there.
  3. Hire the RIGHT business coach for you.  I have met so many amazing business coaches, but you have to find the one that suits you.  Suits your personality, your learning style and (frankly) your budget.  I met my business coach Shelagh Cummins at the very beginning of my journey, but it took me 2 years to hire her.  Silly, silly me.  But it took me a few interactions with Shelagh to make sure it was the right fit for me. It’s not all about the money, it’s about the support you (should) receive from your business coach.  A good coach will get to you know you as a person, as well as your goals for your business.  They will get you on the right track and keep you there. I will tell you that the return on investment (not just financially), is more than worth it.
  4. Learn. Learn. Learn.  I’ve done online courses, webinars, in-person workshops, live conferences, you name it. Keep learning.  It keeps you relevant and keeps it interesting.
  5. Give back.  Even though my brain keeps telling me that I’m not smart enough or good enough at this, I’ve had enough clients over the years tell me the exact opposite.  One of the ways I keep my brain positive, is by volunteering and helping other people.  Currently I volunteer with IVAA (the International Virtual Assistant Association).  It’s just a small way I can help other VA’s get started.
  6. Don’t give up. If it is something you really love and really believe in, just keep going.  There are definitely a tonne more good days than bad days.

Through it all, the absolute best part is the people I have met along the way. For every one of you that has helped me, or supported me in any way, I deeply and truly thank you (I just got goosebumps when I typed that).  I hope that I have been able to give something positive back to you in some way.

Enough of my sappiness… now to the good part! My 3 Year Anniversary Special!

* Do you own a business?

* Do you do everything in your business?

* Are you excited for the kids to be on summer break, but not sure how you’re going to actually get any work done?

* Would you like to have some extra time off this summer?

If you have said YES to any of the above questions, then I may have the solution for you.

Let me do the work, so you can enjoy the summer.  

Starting today, June 16th, get 10 hours of Virtual Assistant support for the price of 7 hours!

You only have 3 days to take advantage of this amazing offer,

so contact me today to see if this offer is right for you!


Terms and conditions: Special only available until midnight EST on Monday, June 19th.  Must be a new 10 hour package and paid for in full.  Package hours must be used prior to August 31, 2017. Special is also available to current clients!

Thank you again and I am excited to see what year #4 brings!



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