If you follow my blogs at all, you know I take issue with email address and business cards, and I’m going at it again.

As a Virtual Assistant, one of the services I offer to clients is business card cleanup and database management.  I take that stack business cards and put it into some sort of usable format for the client.  It can be a business database, a spreadsheet, a CRM system, a newsletter list (all with permission of course), whatever the client needs to help maintain that client’s information so it doesn’t get shoved in a drawer, forgotten about.


I really, really, REALLY wish people would think abbizcardpileout their business cards BEFORE they print over 1000 of them.  Here are my top pet peeves and my personal tips to go with them:

Pet Peeve #1:  Fancy Fonts – It may look pretty, but if I can’t tell an S from an F, then you’re just going to irritate me.  Chances are I won’t spell your name right or even worse, I won’t spell your website or your email right, and then I can’t get in touch with you, so you’re going to lose business.  How do you like your fancy-schmancy fonts now!

Tip: Fancy is overrated. Use a type font that is simple and easy to read.  I also recommend using at least a 12pt font size.  Anything smaller and us folks “over 40” have to go searching for our reading glasses and that ain’t cool.

Speaking of email…

Pet Peeve #2:  No email address on your business card – WHAT!!  I. Can’t. Even.  Why? Why isn’t your email address on your business card??  What’s that you say?  You’re more of a “telephone person’?  Ooooh, ok.  I get it. But guess what?? I’M NOT! And if I don’t have your email address, chances are I’m not going to do business with you. For the love of God, don’t make me search for it either.  Dislike my statement if you must, but I’m all about quick and painless.  If it’s not easy for me to get in touch with you, then I probably won’t.


… breathe Michelle, breathe….

Pet Peeve #3:  Using an internet provider email – I know, it’s a free email address, but what happens when you change internet providers?  Because at some point, you will change providers.  It’s happened to my dad TWICE, because he didn’t’ listen to me the first time, so now he has emails being sent to an email address that doesn’t exist anymore, plus there are certain websites he can’t log into (ie Nexus) because his email is no longer valid, AND he has 500 business cards that now have the incorrect email address.  Real Estate agents, I love ya (and I used to be one), but y’all are the worst for this.  Plus, I really believe that a domain email looks much more professional.  Just my opinion.

Tip: Don’t be my dad.  There are many other free email providers out there ie. Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, just to name a few. Pick one.

Pet Peeve #4: Ridiculously long email addresses or website names – Ok, mine is a bit long too, but I did shorten it as much as possible.  However, if you are in business, please use a professional email address. for example, It may be a bit long, but I know who I’m emailing and what they do.  If you are a real estate agent (sorry I’m picking on you today), and your email address is… you’re going to irritate me again.  Just use your name or your business name and be done it it.

Tip:  K.I.S.S – do I really need to spell it out for you?

Pet Peeve #5 – Super glossy cards that I can’t write on – This pet peeve may be specific to me, but when I meet someone at an event, I like to write something on the business card. Maybe the date or place we met? Or something that we talked about that I want to follow up on.  I can’t do this when the card is glossy and my pen won’t write on it.

Tip:  Front side glossy but back side matte so picky people like me can write on it.

Pet Peeve #6: Over-sized or odd-shaped business cards – Now you’re just being an ass. You are my OCD’s biggest nightmare.  Now I can’t stack my cards in a neat pile or put a tidy elastic around them, your card won’t fit in my business card holder… so guess where it goes… either shoved in the drawer or in the trash. Probably the trash.

Tip:  Please. Just don’t.  See the Tip for PP#4

I could probably keep going, but I’ll spare you any further ranting.  I’m just curious though, am I the only one here?  Do you have any pet peeves like this? I’d love to hear them so I don’t feel so alone.


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