When I started my business 3 years ago, I honestly had no idea where it would take me. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I knew I had excellent computer skills, a strong willingness to learn, a pretty freaking awesome personality (if I do say so myself), and a huge desire to have flexibility in my life.

I had no idea how I was going to get clients. No idea what “working from home” looked like. No idea what I needed to do to get started.  But somehow I got started.  I hit a lot of bumps in the road, especially in my first year (my apologies to some of those first clients)., but through the years I’ve also had some huge successes. I have learned a lot, met amazing people, and have taken in as much information and guidance as I possibly can about being an entrepreneur, working from home, and the virtual assistant industry.

Fast forward almost 3 years later and I am almost at capacity for hours and clients. WHHAAAATTT?

My husband is a busy man and I like being the one home, doing the kid stuff, being the chauffeur for activities, etc., however I find myself at a crossroads… I LOVE what I am doing right now and I want to bring on more new clients, but how do I fit them into my current schedule?

The answer… do what I tell everyone else to do… hire a Virtual Assistant!  Duh Michelle.

Summer is coming and I want to have a thriving business, ensure my current client’s needs are being taken care of, PLUS enjoy summer with my family.  How do I do that? By getting my business some help.

Yes, even a Virtual Assistant needs a Virtual Assistant!  I started outsourcing last year when I was tasked with doing some large research projects.  I enlisted the help of a friend who was more than happy (and capable) of doing the work. I still outsource my research projects to her when necessary.

Plain and simple… outsourcing is necessary if you want to move forward in your business.  I know you probably CAN do it all yourself, but is that really what is best for your business?

Now sure where to start? Here are just a few things that you can outsource:

  • bookkeeping
  • graphic design
  • social media (this is a huge time-sucker for most people)
  • billing/invoicing
  • email marketing/online marketing
  • crm & database management
  • document formatting
  • sales funnels
  • website design & maintenance
  • customer appreciation & follow up
  • calendar & email management

*Note: As a VA, I do some of the above tasks, but not all.

The VA industry is HUGE and you can find an experienced, knowledgeable professional to do almost anything. It all depends where YOU need that extra set of hands the most.

Need some advice? You can contact me any time. I’d be more than happy to answer your questions.

Happy Outsourcing!


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