Last week, I was having a rough day… a rough week… ok a rough month actually, and I wrote a post in my coaching support group and this is what it said…

Doors closing… booo.  Doors opening… YAY!  Doors closing… booo.  Doors opening… YAY!

There can be times in my business when there are so many ups and downs that I feel dizzy, and January and February were those times.  Between some shake ups in my personal life and trying to balance that with my business life, I was frustrated, overwhelmed, under-producing, lacking confidence, but still somehow managing to do great work for my clients.  But I did make some costly errors too, and that’s what hits you the hardest.

We all know when we’re doing a great job, and we feel good. We’re sailing along nice and smooth, getting a bit complacent, but it’s good.  Life is good.

But what happens when we mess up… cuz guess what… it’s gonna happen whether you like it or not.  And it’s how we handle those mess ups that count the most.  That is where our true character and abilities come out.  This is when you need to face it head on and not only admit your mistakes, but fix them… QUICKLY!

But whoa baby does your self-confidence take a shot… and it hurts.  If you are an entrepreneur, you need to get back on that proverbial bicycle and keep peddling.

We all know this image, right? A Day in the life as an Entrepreneur

One of my goals this year is to gain consistency in my business.  As a Virtual Assistant I tend to take on a lot of “projects”. I have to admit, I love doing projects because it keeps me on my toes, always doing something different, no monotony. The downfall to this is an inconsistent revenue and an inconsistent schedule.  It’s these inconsistencies, along with those costly, but hopefully rare, mistakes, that tend to make us feel scattered and frustrated.

I’ve also learned that doors are going to close in my business.  And it sucks.  It has taken me a long time, and a fantastic business coach (thank you Shelagh Cummins), to shake this off and realize that this can actually be a great thing!

I never realized that by someone leaving my business, it’s actually opening the door for a new client to walk through.   Someone that I may never have met or had the opportunity to work with if that first client didn’t leave. Brilliant right!!

Now, I’m not saying that it still doesn’t leave a mark, but coming to terms with it and turning it into a positive is the best thing you can do for yourself, your mindset, and for your business.

So, if you’re having a bad day, week or even month, don’t fret because something good is coming.  Save the image above and look at it when you’re feeling in a slump.

So tell me, currently where are you in this image?

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And remember, be Flawsome every day!

Michelle <3

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