Spring is officially here! I love this time of year!  Do you spring clean your house?  I love clean windows and baseboards, and getting the cupboards cleaned out and organized.  I’m not afraid to admit that I gladly pay someone to help me do this. Remember the #1 rule to outsourcing… stop doing the things you hate doing!  Well, I hate cleaning windows and baseboards so I hire my cleaning lady to do an extra Spring Clean for me.  She rocks!

This is the time of year I also Spring clean my office space. Oh how I love to purge!

My Office HelperI did a very similar blog post this time last year and the “stuff” I continue to accumulate is ridiculous!  Again this year, with the help of my office buddy, I shredded an entire garbage bag full of paper.

I also organize my training materials from any workshops and courses I have taken. I make sure all my tax stuff is organized and ready to go to my bookkeeper.  I store any old client files in a locked cabinet and make sure any confidential information is either locked away or shredded.

I clean my desk.  I mean REALLY clean my desk. I take everything off, clean out the drawers, throw away anything that I haven’t used in ages, and give it a good dusting.

The last thing I do is take stock of business cards.  I actually do this quarterly because if you’re like me and you attend a lot of workshops, conferences or networking events, you have probably accumulated a lot of business cards.   My question is… What do you do with them?  I ask this question a lot, and these are the top three answers:

  1.   I keep them in a drawer in my desk.
  2.   In my purse.
  3.   I enter them into a spreadsheet.

Well, at least person #3 has some type of a system.  I’m not gonna lie, I still have a pile of cards, wrapped in an elastic, in my desk drawer, but these cards serve a purpose. These are cards of people that I have contacted to either utilize their service or buy a product, or I have referred them to someone else (have I mentioned that I am an awesome connector of people).  However, ALL of these contacts have also already been entered into my CRM System.

I use a program called Insightly, which is a cloud based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Insightly has free and paid versions. The free version works well enough for me and allows me to enter the card information into my contact manaInsightly2ger, and then I track them as Leads, Opportunities, Projects and of course, the ultimate goal is to convert them into Clients. Once they are a client, I can then add tasks to their client files and track their projects and progress.  My Task list is my daily/weekly/monthly To Do List.  Here is an example of what mine looks like.  *Names have been blacked out to protect the privacy of my clients.

There are a lot of fantastic CRM systems out there. Some are basic like Insightly and Asana (although I haven’t figured out how to enter in full client contact information into the free version of Asana), and some are more complex and have added functionalities, like 17 Hats, Salesforce and Infusionsoft.  It is up to you to decide what you need most and then you can start doing your research.

Sounds great, right?!  But does researching and setting up a CRM system also seem daunting and too time consuming?  Well, this is where a Virtual Assistant can help you.  CRM Setup and Database Management is  a service I offer. I can do this for cloud-based apps like Insightly, or I can even set up your specialized CRM system. I had a wonderful client last month that needed help setting up and figuring out a CRM system that was designed for music teachers.  I took some to play around with the system, upload her current student database, organize it, and then I even created a training manual for her to refer back to. I’m not gonna lie… I had way too much fun doing it! LOL

So tell me, do you use a CRM system? If so, which one and how do you like it?  If you don’t use one, how to you keep track of your connections, your clients, your leads?  Comment below as I’d love to hear about your processes.

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And remember, be Flawsome every day!


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