March 8th celebrates International Women’s Day around the world, and this years’ theme is #BeBoldForChange.

I want to honour this day, so I’m writing a quick blog to briefly tell you what IWD means to me.

I spent this past weekend in Toronto at the National Mompreneurs Conference, celebrating with over 300 women entrepreneurs.  The two days were packed with inspiring speakers, exhibitors, vendors, laser coaching, networking and more.  But my favourite moment of the entire weekend was sharing an unexpected and spectacular “moment” with my stepdaughter.

I bought her a ticket to join me at the conference for the Saturday and a fabulous speaker, Laurie Joy, asked us all to stand up at our tables and join hands.  Then she asked us to gently squeeze the person’s hand to our left and silently tell them how much we believe in them and in their success.  Well… I lost it. I started crying, cuz guess who was on my left.  It was my stepdaughter.

She and I have a great relationship, but as her stepmother (or step-monster as I like to call myself), I always wonder if she really knows how invested I am in her, her abilities and her success.   I don’t think I even realized how much until that exact moment.

She is smart, she is funny, she is beautiful and witty (a nice way of saying she’s a smartass) and she continues to inspire me on a regular basis with her determination to succeed.  She tells me she will own her own company and charity one day, and I believe her.  She is THAT determined.

So today, I celebrate and fight for her and for those of us working our assess off to ensure doors open for her, and other other girls like her, so they can indeed succeed.

Sending you joy, happiness, love and success, today and every day.


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