I love finding my clients (and myself) new ways to save time and work more efficiently.

May I present to you “Canned Responses”.

According to Wikipedia:

Canned responses are predetermined responses to common questions.

… canned responses to frequently asked questions may be quick and convenient for both the customer and the technical adviser. In text-based technical support systems, the operator may insert a canned response triggered by keystrokes or from a drop-down menu, rather than typing the same answer repeatedly or pasting from some other resource.

In a nutshell, Canned Responses help you save time.  Rather than typing the same reply over and over, you can save it to your Canned Responses and drop it in when you need it.

If you have Gmail, here is a quick guide:

  1.  Go to Settings and click on Labs
  2.  Make sure your Canned Responses are EnabledCanned Responses1
  3.  Save your new settings and then Compose a new email.
  4.  Type the body of email that you want to save.  Remember to proof read for spelling and grammar!
  5.  At the bottom right in your email, you will see an arrow. Click the arrow and a new menu will appear.
  6.  Click Canned Responses and a second menu will pop up. Click on New Canned Response.  Here you enter the name of your Canned Response (this name will appear in the subject line of your email, but you can change that if you want), and click OK.Canned Responses2

When you need to use that particular Canned Response, all have to do is Click Compose, click the arrow, click on Canned Responses and Insert the Canned Response you want, and it will automatically populate into the body of your email.

Yes, it really is that easy.

Canned Responses can be an amazing time-saver.  However, you do have to be careful when using them.  Why? Because they can sound, well… canned.  Robotic.  Cold and unpersonal.

People do business with people they Know, Like & Trust... therefore, when using Canned Responses, I recommend you personalize the message before sending.

For example, I created a canned response for when I meet a potential client at an event.  The body of the email is the standard Canned Response, which includes a bit about me and my business, a link to my appointment scheduler and my newsletter, but the introduction is personalized.

Hi Sarah! It was great to meet you at XX event last week! I’m glad we got a chance to chat about your Personal Training business.  You sure are a busy lady and I believe I can help you with that.

Then I add my Canned Response and my friendly close.

I also have a client that sends reports to her clients every month. I was able to create a Canned Response for her that is perfect for that particular task.

Go ahead, give it a try and let me know what you think?  Don’t have time to mess around with this kinda stuff?  I can help you with that too!  Click here and let’s have a coffee chat!

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